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Usage Bills

The LSDC charges customers based on 100% of their water usage as read from the property's water meter by the Lancaster Water Department.  All billing charges are invoiced on a Fiscal Quarter basis.  The fees and rates charged on usage bills are developed as part of the LSDC's budget and finance process and as reflected in the Schedule of Fees.   

The LSDC accepts payments online or by US Mail through our lock-box service.  

If you need to update your billing address or close your account please use the online forms on the account services page.

Responsible parties

Sewer bills are associated with the real estate served.  The owner of the real estate at the time of bill issuance is responsible for payment of the bill including any outstanding charges. Bills will not be split.

If you are a new homeowner and you have an outstanding balance on your first bill, please review the HUD Statement / balance sheet for your property closing or contact the closing attorney for your property. In most cases, a sewer usage closeout bill is not paid to the LSDC but is instead paid to the new homeowner. This should be evident on your HUD Statement / balance sheet.

The LSDC is not responsible for fees or check cancelation charges incurred by customers as a result of payments that were lost in the mail.

Past due amounts

Charges and fees not paid when due are subject to penalties of $1.00 for demand, 2.5% interest on past due amounts, plus additional charges and fees for distress or lien proceedings.

Charges and fees not paid when due become a lien on real estate at the close of the fiscal year by automatic operation of the Law as provided under Chapter 40 § 42a of the General Laws, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Billing Disputes and Abatements

In the event that the amount of metered water use is in dispute the customer should contact the Lancaster Water Department first to investigate the reading discrepancy.  Meter readings are performed by the Water Department and any corrections to a reading must be initiated by them prior to the LSDC considering an abatement for meter descrepancies.

If a water meter issue has been determined to exist, or if there is some other issue that meets the criteria for an abatement, a request for abatement must be filed with the Lancaster Sewer District Commission within 6 months of the date reflected in the "billing date" section from the front of your bill.  

Abatements will be considered by the Commission on a case-by-case basis and approved abatements will be reflected in the next billing period.

Submission of a Sewer Use Abatement does not guarantee that an abatement will be granted nor does it relieve the customer from paying any outstanding bills on time.

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