Lancaster Sewer District Commission

Lancaster Massachusetts

With online payments, you have options


Online Payments

By clicking the 'Pay Now' button, LSDC customers can securely pay their sewer bills online with an e-check, credit card, or debit card.  You must have your account number to make a one-time payment or already have online access to the Account Portal where customers can additionally review their account history, see their current balance, make a payment, and see the payment reflected in their account balance immediately.

Credit Card / Debit Card

The most common form of online payment.  

Pay at home

Pay from any computer. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One time payment

Log on to your account, and pay any amount desired.


E-Check / ACH

The convenience of a check in electronic form.

Pay in the office

Come to our office and use our payment kiosk.

Recurring payments

Get your bills paid on time, automatically.

The LSDC offers customers a number of convenient options for paying their sewer bills.

Bills can be paid:

•   Online with an e-check or credit/debit card

•   By US mail with a check to

LSDC - Department 100

PO BOX 986525  

Boston, MA 02298-6525

We also want you to be able to view and understand your account so we offer an online customer account portal where you can review your account history, make payments, and more.  Sign up today!

Check Payments

Many customers still prefer to pay their bills by check.  Payments can be dropped off to the LSDC office during office hours, placed in our drop box during non-office hours, or can be mailed to our check processing lock box.  The LSDC has changed our lock box partner to Enterprise Bank.  Please update your automatic payment options accordingly.  We will continue to accept payments at our old lock boxk through July 2021.  Customer's can send their statements and payment to:

LSDC - Department 100

PO BOX 986525  

Boston, MA 02298-6525

Payments are securely processed, direct deposited, and your account is updated within a few business days.

The LSDC's lock-box service typically processes payments within three business days of the receipt of your check. Delays can happen around the closing date of billing cycles but if your check has not been processed after two weeks or more you should contact your financial institution to review options for dealing with lost checks.  

Please note that if a check that has been lost in the mail is eventually delivered our service will attempt to process the check.

The LSDC is not responsible for fees or check cancelation charges incurred by customers as a result of payments that were lost in the mail.

Payment Plans

The LSDC offers a deferred billing payment plan to enable customers with specific financial needs to pay off their balance in equal installments over a number of months.  Payment plans do not relieve customers of paying for current usage but enables large balances to be spread out.  

Once a deferred billing payment plan is approved, your balance will be calculated into a monthly deferred payment schedule spread out over a maximum of 12 months.  Regular billing statements will then show current charges and the monthly deferred amount, as well as a combined Total Due.  Customer payments will be automatically applied to the deferred amount first, then to current charges.  

Please contact us to see if your situation qualifies for a payment plan.

Customers should enroll in online access to get the full benefits of the LSDC's online payment system including the option to setup recurring payments.

We also offer the option to make a one-time payment without enrolling in online account access.  You will need a copy of your bill, the exact name, and account number.

Pay Now

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Cards as well as all Debit Cards.  Customers can also pay by e-check where you use your standard checking account to make an electronic payment.

Credit/Debit payments are limited to a maximum charge amount of $300 per transaction.  If your bill is larger than the maximum amount you should consider an e-check instead.  Alternatively, you can break up your payment into multiple transactions.

There is a per-transaction convenience fees paid by the customer for all electronic payments.  

•   $2.99 for credit/debit card

•   $0.50 for e-checks