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Sewer Use

The LSDC’s Rules and Regulations govern the use of public and private sewers and all related apertures, related to the disposal of sewage, the installation and connection of building sewers, and the discharge of waters and wastes into the Commission’s sewage collection system; and provide penalties for violations thereof.  These Regulations are intended to protect the public health, safety and welfare and the environment and to ensure proper and safe operation of the Commission’s sanitary sewers in accordance with state and federal regulations.

For information related to the various rates and charges in these regulations refer to the Rates and Fees section of this website or download the Schedule of Fees PDF below.  The Schedule of Fees is Appendix A of the Rules and Regulations and is reviewed and adjusted by the Commission on an annual basis or as needed.  

Rules and Regulations

Administrative Consent Order

In addition to the Rules and Regulations, the MWRA treatment plant that the LSDC discharges to was issued an administrative consent order (ACO) in 1986 by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in an effort to improve treatment of wastewater at the MWRA's treatment facility. The LSDC and DEP jointly renewed the ACO in 2004.  The terms of the ACO impact all new connections made without a failed septic system.

The ACO establishes criteria for allowing existing properties to connect under certain circumstance to protect public health and establishes a sewer bank.  The sewer bank is a “bank” of flow credits used by the district to allow new connections which would otherwise be required to fix infiltration and inflow leaks in the District's system first.

The ACO requires either the purchase of sewer credits from the LSDC’s Sewer Bank or requires the proponent to perform Infiltration and Inflow corrections on the LSDC’s system accepted by the Commission at a 3:1 rate.  The issuance of sewer credits and the requirement to perform I&I work depends on the availability of credits and is at the discretion of the Commission.