Lancaster Sewer District Commission

Lancaster Massachusetts

Required in Submission

The submission must be accompanied by a narrative cover letter, PREPARED BY A REGISTERED ENGINEER, briefly describing the proposed project, type of establishment, and daily sewage flow calculated per Title 5 is required.

A site plan should be no smaller than 12-inches X 13- inches and no larger than 27-inches X 40-inches.

The minimum horizontal scale of the plan must be 1”=40' and the minimum vertical scale must be 1”=4' for profiles.

Vertical profiles of sewers are required for all proposed trunk line sewers.

One print is needed for preliminary review and comment by the LSDC.  Three site plan drawings should be submitted for final review and approval.  Two approved signed prints will be retained by the LSDC.

The estimated sizes of all Public streets and sidewalks openings that will be required for the building services to connect to the Commission's facilities must be described and included in the narrative letter. The estimated size of this cut will be the size that will be submitted to the Town of Lancaster Public Works Department.

After the site plan is signed by the Superintendent or his designee, a Service Application, as determined by the Superintendent, must be filled out and signed by the owner of the property or the owner's agent prior to the time of installation of building sewer connections.  An inspection fee will be charged for each sewer connection.

If a site plan is required to be submitted to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) for review, in accordance with the MWRA Sewer Use Rules and Regulations, the amount of time in advance the Toxic Reduction and Control Department (TRAC) requires is a minimum of ninety (90) days to process an MWRA Sewer Use Discharge Permit Application for a new user. TRAC does issue temporary permits in some cases so that industry may begin operation once the temporary permit has been issued, which usually takes 30-45 days.

Electronic Copy of Submission

The submission must also include a digital copy of all major elements.  The digital submission must be made on a portable USB flash-thumb drive which will be retained by the LSDC office.

Written documents shall be provided in PDF format with all text formatted to be searchable and selectable.  Scanned written documents need to be post processed for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) prior to submission.

Design drawings neet to be provided in AutoCAD (DWG) compatible format as well as in PDF format.

Site Plan Elements - Minimum Requirements

At a minimum the following elements shall be provided:

1) All elevations shall be given relative to an easily accessible permanent benchmark. The following elevations are required.

        a) Invert of building sewer drain connections at the foundation wall and at the connection to the main sewer.

        b) Invert of the main sewer or drain at the connection.

        c) Basement floor and first floor of building.

        d) A firm benchmark will be shown.

2) A sewage flow estimate is required.

3) The official street number of locations is required on the drawings.

4) The MAP and PARCEL NUMBER of the lot shall be shown.

5) The water service number shall be shown.

6) The address of the Site and the Owner's Name and Address shall be shown.

7) A 5"x5" box reserved for LSDC use only shall be required on each drawing.

8) All existing wyes accessible from the site must be shown, to allow for field changes.

9) All new sewer connections must be located from the nearest existing manhole. The distance to the new sewer service from the manhole must be shown on the site plan.

10) The location of all utilities in the street: water, sewer, storm drain, telephone, gas, electric, and cable television shall be shown.

A North arrow is required.

Site Plan Elements - Additional Elements

If applicable the following elements will be required:

1) If there will be a plumbing fixture(s) in the basement which is liable to backflow from a sewer line a backflow valve is required.  A detail shall be provided by the design engineer.

2) Detail of the connection, if it is not to be made to an existing wye branch on the sewer main, must be shown on the plans.

3) All proposed chimney connections shall be shown to be encased in concrete.  A detail shall be provided by the design engineer.

4) A cleanout on the portion of the building sewer on the owner's property at the property line is recommended where a building is set back from the property line.

5) Any abandonment of the existing building sanitary sewer must be cut and capped off at the property line. A detail shall be provided by the design engineer.

6) Oil traps or separators are required on all building sewers and building floor drains from commercial garages, and enclosed parking areas.  All oil traps must be of a type and capacity approved by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. These oil traps or separators must be connected directly to the LSDC sanitary sewer system.  A detail shall be provided by the design engineer.

7) Grease traps or interceptors shall be required on sewer lines for all restaurants and commercial food-handling establishments. The Commission may require grease interceptor for any fixture or drain which introduces large amounts of animal or vegetable fat, oil or grease.  A detail shall be provided by the design engineer.

Site Plan Elements - Standard Notes 

At a minimum the following notes shall be shown on the site plan:

1) The installation, modification, or repair of sewers, sewer services, or any structures related thereto, must be performed by a Drainlayer or Sewer Utility Contractor Licensed and Bonded with the Lancaster Sewer District.

2) A 24 hour notification must be made to the Lancaster Sewer District prior to the installation, modification, or repair of sewers, sewer services, or any structures related thereto.

3) The sanitary sewer shall be laid at least 10 feet apart from any new or existing water service connections.

4) Building sewer connections to clay, PVC, AC, concrete and iron pipes will be made using an approved gasket saddle.

5) Building sewer connections shall be bedded in 3/4" minimum crushed stone to at least half the pipe diameter.

6) The connection lines may be required to be flushed and mandreled and/or pressure tested if it is determined by the Commission's inspector to be necessary or as required by permit.

7) Proposed Manholes must be pressure tested by contractor at time of inspection. (if applicable)

Site Plan Elements - Additional Notes

If applicable, additional notes shall be used to supplement details as determined by the design engineer.

Site Plan Guide

On occasion, site plans may be required to be submitted to the Lancaster Sewer District Commission (LSDC) as part of a special permit reviews. These guidelines for site plans have been prepared to assist developers, builders, architects, engineers, and others in securing the necessary approval from the LSDC.

All site plans submitted to the LSDC for review and approval must be signed and stamped by a Professional Civil Engineer registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  All sewer work must meet or exceed the LSDC's standard requirements.

The average time span for LSDC review and approval of a site plan is one week to ten days.  A longer period of time may be necessary if the project is large and complicated or the submission is inadequate.