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2nd Meter Abatement Request

This form is used by customers seeking an abatement for outdoor water use as part of the LSDC's 2nd Meter Program.

Customers seeking a general abatement for a one time event like a pool fillup or meter leak should file a General Abatement.

Abatement requests for outdoor water use can only be requested once per year and must be submitted between October 1st and November 30th.

Please note:  Abated amounts will be reflected in your January sewer usage bill.

Requests submitted outside of these dates will be charged a $25 administrative fee for hand calculations of account adjustments.

Reading your second meter

Enter in all numbers as they appear on the digital readout of your meter.  Ignore any decimals, commas, or letters.

Using the above example, you will enter:


Take a photo that clearly shows all numbers of the meter readout.  Be certain that there is no glare or shadows that could obscure any numbers. Upload this photo along with your readout.


The majority of our customers use a 5/8" Sensus iPerl meter like the one in the above photo.  If you have a non-conforming meter that you need assistance with please contact the LSDC.

Please note that all calculated abatements for seasonal outdoor water use will be applied to the 2nd Quarter sewer usage billing cycle which is typically issued in January.